The Advancement of Real-Time Guard Tracking Solution
Guard Patrol System

Enhancing Security System: The Advancement of Real-Time Guard Tracking Solution

A security guard at a commercial establishment is responsible for performing his patrol duties in a significant manner. As a supervisor or owner of a business enterprise, it is your responsibility to track and monitor your guards and ensure they are performing the patrol without disruption.

Maybe you are still using pen and paper to track your guards, but this is no longer an optimistic option, as there are a lot of technological innovations ensuring guard tracking looks easy.

What is a Guard Tour System?

  • A Security guard tour system, an innovative tracking system enabling companies to organize log and execute tours.
  • It ensures security officers will accomplish the task within a predefined interval.
  • It not only promotes a proactive nature within the setup but significantly increases accountability and effectiveness offering real-time tracking.
  • With an innovative guard patrol system you can check and record while the guard executes the tour by scanning specific checkpoints assigned on the specific patrol routes.
  • Checkpoints are placed in certain route points, maybe in the building or at other locations of a site.
  • It can even be in remote areas helping manage staff to identify different locations and each portion of the specific territory.
  • The on-site guards can scan checkpoints, send SOS alerts, track and record events and conduct details by sending reports to manage staff or clients, even in real-time.

Are Security Guard Tracking System Necessary?

Whatever, be the size of the security forces, having a guard tour system is paramount. Looking after a humongous team is not a task of ease.

An array of constraints including timekeeping and personal responsibilities limit the ability to offer comprehensive service to your client in the guard patrolling industry.

However, in contemporary times, a reliable security guard tour system enables you assurance of improved customer service and improved guard efficiency. There are a lot of additional ways that an efficient guard tour system will maximise benefits.

Real-Time Tracking

This is a quite useful method, when there is an accident or mishap.

The respective guards may report a document with immediate effect by sharing videos or images instead of having to wait a long time. The audio system installed helps describe the situation as well. By communicating optimistically, the matter gets addressed immediately and without further delay.

Guard Accountability

A guard tour security system has a lot of advantages and one of the primary advantages is that it allows the guard far more capacity and responsibility.

GPS tracking, digitized checkpoints and automated timekeeping ensure guards are performing better during the patrol route.

While a guard misses checking in within the allocated period, high-tech installation could even send digital signals. The responsibility not only allows the power to hold ineffective guards accountable but also allows customers peace of mind.

They no longer have to worry about keeping an eye on the guards constantly. You can track the actual efforts of the respective guards. The solid evidence gathered through the tracking system will take up initiative against the respective individual.

Data-Driven Choice

You may recognize companies top contributors and also get a list of the underperformers with proper support and well well-managed security guard patrol system.

It makes things easier to offer incentives or penalties if necessary. It raises staff productivity to such an extent that it continues to affect how much money you can rope in.

Ensures Utmost Safety

With proper guard tracking system safety is guaranteed through the tracking system. Your staff will be in safe custody. One can notify and respond to emergencies swiftly.

A better brand image is created as a result of ensuring the safety of both staff and customers.

Features of an Ideal Security Monitoring System:

GPS Monitoring:

It is a key component of a security guard tracking system offering a lot of advantages. You will be able to find the security guard but it quickly dispatches assistance during an emergency breakout.

Geofencing is a proven capability that is available in addition to GPS tracking. They are capable of creating geofence for security personnel using this solution.

Emergency Care:

A guard management system offers emergency response which befits the augmentation for the aforementioned advantage. The supervisor and the respective person tracking the guards can react quickly during the outbreak of an emergency.

Through the usage of the panic alert emergency security personnel can warn the managers or the respective unit which is controlling the entire system.

Through this innovative guard tour system, the system notifies the control centre that the respective guard or the guard team requires assistance and they promptly dispatch backup.

Simple Scheduling:

Organizing the entire assignment of the patrol officers is an onerous task. The challenge faced by the supervisors and managers needs to ease down and thereby every area needs direction and management.

An innovative guard tour system allows simplistic scheduling for the entire management making it seamless and uncomplicated. One can set daily, weekly and even monthly schedules by making use of the scheduling function.

Why BCS?

With BCS, you gain cost cost-effective, state-of-the-art modern-day guard tracking system. Our easy-to-use solutions make guards more accountable with real-time checking.

With our flexible, scalable and cloud-based tracking system, no longer will you have to use pen and paper for better monitoring. Get connected with us to go the extra mile.


A business owner, looking to safeguard his property, needs to uplift his security program and make sure the guards on patrol duty are performing the task with accountability.

With a guard patrol monitoring system, he can track and monitor the guards with ease.

Moreover, he can get an idea of the individuals who have done well and who are causing errors. If you are convinced enough after reading this blog, do connect BCS for an innovative and scalable guard monitoring system.

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