BCS Patrol Monitoring

Your employees are off to do their jobs. How can you ensure every one of them is getting the job done? You can’t manage what you can’t measure. You need a system for keeping them accountable and the data to back it up. Customized to your needs, our user-friendly and easily scalable software is designed to give you a birds’ eye view of your employees while they’re on the job.

How can it be accessed?


No installation or server needed: our cloud-based patrol monitoring can be accessed easily on any device over the internet.


With our check-in app, your employees can, with a few taps on their phone, access all the features needed to supply you the data to manage them.

Client Portal:

Share the data with clients with our client login portals.

Which tracking systems does
it accommodate?

Monitor employees using GPS, RFID, NFC, and QR codes. This provides a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing specialized tag readers.

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Scheduling Features

Our patrol monitoring system has all the intuitive, built-in features you’ll need to monitor your employees in real time.

Verify employees’ location at a specific time.

Know when your employees check in and out of shifts.

Comprehensive schedule functioning makes it easy to set up schedules & rounds. After you input the times for when checkpoint tags should be scanned. Take advantage of scheduling features such as repeating rounds for days of the week and adding in grace periods/early leaves.

With the alert system, you can receive phone/email notifications for any patrol inspection problems as they arise (e.g., missed checkpoints) and resolve each problem quickly.


Incident Reporting

Record and submit incidents in the app
with ease.

Flexible Reporting

Customize auto-format reports to contain the information and format that you need .


Our system can support small to large companies
with multiple branches.