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How Our Workforce Management System Can Help You

What is the Workforce Management System?

Our Workforce Management System (WMS) is a security guard scheduling software designed to help you manage your security officers with ease. It is a user-friendly back office solution that offers a comprehensive array of features to help you manage your security guard scheduling.


Why use a Security Guard Scheduling Software?

The WMS has a variety of benefits to your security scheduling that make it worthwhile to any company, however big or small, that manages security guards. The WMS is a cost-effective way of increasing efficiency and speeding up your operations. Its features include a streamlined, easy-to-use scheduler, a time and attendance tracking system, integrated payroll, billing and invoicing, dispatch monitoring, mobile phone alerts and email notifications, accounting, reports and more.

WMS is cloud and web based, so no installation or server is needed. You can just use your PC’s web browser to access the system from anywhere. With pricing based on usage, WMS is scalable to whatever your company needs and is a great option for both large and small companies of any budget.

The WMS, along with all these features, is also free for the first two months to get you going!

Read on for more in-depth details of each of these aspects of the WMS and the benefits they can provide you.

How WMS can Improve Scheduling

WMS streamlines the scheduling process making it a faster, hassle-free process. The scheduler comes with planning and template schedules that can help save you time and reduce your work load.

Integrated Time and Attendance Tracking

The integrated time and attendance tracking lets employees use the mobile app, land line call-in, or the employee portal to check in and out. The WMS also comes with a variety of options for automatically updating and tracking changes to employee schedules. This lets you use the updated schedules for billing and processing, and reduces your employee verification procedures.


Benefits of WMS’s Integrated Scheduling, Payroll, Billing, and Invoicing.

Scheduling, payroll, billing, and invoicing are all integrated into the WMS. This allows the system to use information from use timesheet verification processing, automated time and attendance tracking, and various payroll and billing rules and options to ensure you arrive at the actual hours of work for each of your employees to pay and bill.

How a Dispatch Monitoring System Can Help You

WMS’s dispatch monitoring system sends automated alerts when there are open posts or no shows, and allows you to search for replacement employees with certain criteria. This is an easy, convenient way to avoid no shows and ensure you fulfill your company’s contractual security coverage obligations.

How WMS improves the accuracy of billing and payroll information

If you are looking to improve the accuracy of your billing and payroll information then the WMS is a great way to do this. WMS ensures you get accurate payroll and billing data by using information from actual time worked from employee schedules, manual and automated timesheet verification processing, and customizable payroll and billing rate data based on various criteria. All of this information is used to make certain your billing and payroll information is as accurate as possible.

Improving Accounting and Reports

WMS can also benefit your accounting and reports. The system allows you to calculate and include sales taxes for more than one jurisdiction on invoices. You can also manage payments from clients using accounts receivable reports, cash deposit management and payment application against outstanding invoices.

WMS’s reports can help you improve your operations management and offer a variety of available queries and reports for you to use. The reports can be viewed on a screen, printed, saved to a file, or emailed to an individual or distribution list.

Other Benefits of WMS

Mobile phone alerts and email notifications make it easy to stay informed of scheduling issues like staff changes and scheduling time adjustments.

The WMS also allows you to send emails to employees and clients for notifications, reports, work schedules and more.

Get Started Using the Workforce Management System

The benefits of the WMS to any company managing a security guard workforce are significant, and they can all be available to your company. Contact us for a quote or demo.