Workforce Attendance Checker and Patrol Monitoring (BWAC)

BWAC is built to track off-site/remote employees of Security Guards Companies, Cleaning Companies, Off Site Maintenance and Service Companies.
BWAC has Automated Attendance Tracking, Patrol and incident monitoring, integration with Scheduling software, GPS monitoring.

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Affordably Monitor Your Security Guards Patrols and Attendance

Features and Specifications:

Affordable Cloud based Solution

Affordable pricing based on usage making it suitable for small or large companies
First 3 months during setup and testing FREE.

Job Site Attendance: Alert on On-Time/Early/Late/No Show

  • Phone Check in / Check out
  • Guard Mobile App Check in / Check out
  • Site Tablet Multi Guard Check in / Check out
  • Check in/out verification using RF Id/ NFC/QrCode/ Geolocation
  • Text message and email Alerts on On-Time/Early/Late/No Show
  • Dispatch Centralized Alert Monitoring Screen
  • Work Scheduling integration for payroll and billing
  • Know where your Guards are with GPS Tracking
  • Capture payroll data
  • Reports
  • Client Portal

Patrol Monioring : Schedule and Verify Patrol Tours with Incident and event alerts

  • Flexible Patrol scheduling
  • Mobile App Patrol monitoring
  • Hardware Tag Scanner Patrol monitoring
  • Patrol verification using Touch button/RF Id/ NFC/QrCode checkpoints and Geolocation
  • GPS Tracking
  • Incident tagging and reporting
  • Reports
  • Client Portal


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