Workforce Management System Software

WMS – the BCS Workforce Management System Software (WMS) is an advanced, flexible guard-management application for scheduling security officers at client locations. It is a comprehensive, Windows-compatible solution that features Guard Scheduling, Billing, Accounting, Dispatch, Payroll, and more. Whether you employ 50 or 5000 guards, SMS manages the numbers and statistics with ease.

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Features and Specifications:

  • Single- or Multi-user
  • Full Networking Capabilities
  • Windows 2000/Windows XP (32/64)/Windows 7 (32/64)/Windows 8 (32/64) or higher
  • Windows 2000 Server/Windows 2003 (32/64)/Windows 2008/20012 or higher
  • User ID and Password feature gives you control over who can access what
  • Audit Trail for all database changes
  • Quick Sorting and Searching capabilities

Workforce Management Scheduling has reached the Cloud!

We are confident that SMS will effectively fulfill the software requirements for any operation that you handle in your security guard business. The Workforce Management System (WMS) Software Application is a fully integrated operation and guard management solution for security guard companies. The WMS Software Application Suite consists of the following subsystems:

Remote Phone Check-In/Out In System (RPCS)

With the RPCS software system, your security personnel can check-in and check out at their remote job locations using a landline telephone or our mobile app. No telephony hardware is required; the telephony system is a web-based system hosted on our cloud servers.

When RPCS is used with our Workforce Management Software (WMS) schedule software, RPCS can:

  • Update the schedule times used for payroll and billing
  • Support late or early tolerance for check-in/out
  • Send notifications of late or early check-in/out to the manager
  • Send a reminder to the Security Personnel if they have not checked in/out.
  • Support authorized and non-authorized telephone numbers for call-in
  • Support Caller ID for check-in/out
  • Support GPS verification with the mobile App check-in/out

Note: You can also operate RPCS as a standalone system and obtain reports (or CSV import files) of your security personnel’s check-in/out dates and times. However, in this mode, many of the above features are not available.


This flexible subsystem makes scheduling, billing, and recording work hours easy and efficient. During the process of schedule creation, the system checks parameters such as guard scheduling conflicts, profit margins, guard availability, job requirements, holidays, and overtime, and produces a realistic and profitable schedule.

Dispatch Monitoring

This subsystem produces useful queries and reports, which can be viewed on-screen, printed, or saved to a file.

  • Employee monitoring – The employee calling the dispatcher and the dispatcher manually entering the activity
  • Exception monitoring for employee check-in/out
  • Automatic warning when employees are in overtime
  • Group sign-on capability
  • Ability to automatically update employee job performance records
  • Ability to automatically update employee files for absences and their reasons.
  • Ability to automatically update schedules based on actual activity
  • Automatic warnings when open shifts are approaching
  • Email
  • Email Employees Schedule Printout
  • Email Clients Schedule Listing by sites
  • Email Clients Invoice Printout
  • Guard Management Reports


This subsystem imports the Guard Schedules from the Scheduling subsystem and the Manual Timesheet Verification processing. Both the billing rates data and invoicing information are flexible and may be customized to produce accurate and variable-format invoices.


This subsystem imports the Guard Schedules from the Scheduling subsystem and the Manual Timesheet Verification processing. The payroll rates data and the employee pay information are both flexible and may be customized to ensure the accuracy of payroll data. Bridges to many popular payroll packages and services are available, in order to export the payroll data for final processing.


This subsystem consists of various modules that allow the guard company administrative staff to perform accounting functions for payroll and billing processing. It presents a seamless process, accounting for all monetary transactions, including Timesheet Verification to Payroll, Billing and Invoice generation, Accounts Receivable Management, Cash Deposit Management, and the application of payments against outstanding invoices.

BCS Workforce Management Software works Even better with SRS v7 – Security Reporting Software.


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