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BCS Security Control System – Guard Tour Software

Features and Specifications:

  • Client definition
  • Zone definition – a client can one or more zones
  • Checkpoint definition as located in a particular Zone
  • Checkpoints can be assigned categories (eg. Fire equipment, Perimeter, etc.)
  • Incidents can be classified as Good, Bad, Major and severe for reporting
  • Guard definition
  • Schedule/Round definitions
  • Download locally or remotely via modem
  • Synchronize wand time with computer time automatically if difference exceeds a given tolerance, or simply issue an alert on reports
  • Downloads stored in a Database
  • Incidents Recording/Reporting
  • Activity Report, Missed Report, Incident Report
  • Reports format and contents customizable
  • Reports user definable with many query and format parameters
  • Reports definitions can be saved and recalled for report production
  • Compatible Pentium PC or higher
  • Windows 2000/Windows XP (32/64)/Windows 7 (32/64)/Windows 8 (32/64) or higher

Product Description

BCS SCS is an advanced, Windows-based software package, in which patrols can be downloaded to a database and various reports generated. At the top level is a database of Clients. Each Client can have one or more Zones, and each Zone can have one or more Checkpoints. Checkpoints can be assigned categories (e.g. Fire Equipment, Perimeter, etc.). Also, Incidents can be classified as Good, Bad, Major or severe for reporting purposes.