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BCS Security Report System v7: Report Schedule, Rounds & Checkpoints

Features and Specifications:

  • Guard Scheduling
  • Schedule/Round/Checkpoints definition
  • Download locally or remotely via modem
  • Guard Identification/Reporting
  • Synchronize wand time with computer time automatically
  • Download data is encrypted
  • Downloads can be exported to a third party product
  • Incident Recording/Reporting
  • Activity/Missed Reporting
  • Reports can be printed, previewed, printed to a PDF document or Emailed
  • User ID Setup
  • Compatible Pentium PC or higher
  • Windows 2000/Windows XP (32/64)/Windows 7 (32/64)/Windows 8 (32/64)/Windows 10 (32/64)
  • 8 MB of RAM
  • At least one available standard RS232 Serial Port or a USB port
  • At least 256 MB of available space

Product Description

BCS SRS V7 – The core of SRS (Security Report System) is the Schedule Editor, which lets you keep track of your Schedules, Rounds, and Checkpoints. Each Checkpoint has its own BCS SilverGuard button/tag. A Round consist of a set of Checkpoints that must be scanned by the guard with the BCS SilverGuard/Proximity wand. Similarly, a Schedule is a group of Rounds. SRS also lets you define special Incident and Guard buttons/tags.

Incident buttons/tags are carried by each guard, who scans the appropriate button/tag whenever something unusual is detected. Guard Identification buttons/tags allow you to determine which guard is on duty at all times. You can keep track of guard activity with six different reports, including a report of all incidents detected, a report of all missed checkpoints, a report of Start buttons for all rounds, and a Battery Low/Wand Alert report.

In addition to Schedules and Reports, SRS also includes tools for managing your guard tour hardware (SilverGuard/Proximity Wand, Wand Reader, and Button/Tag data) and a User ID Setup Utility. This utility gives you control over which SRS features can be accessed by each SRS user. You can assign each user a password to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your copy of SRS.

Sample Reports