Security Workforce Software

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Single Login Solution for workforce management.

Currently logging in to different systems to do your staff scheduling, time & attendance, event management, absences & leave, uniform & certificate management, check calls, checkpoints & tours? We has all these features, from online timesheets and staff portals to flexible working hour capabilities.

Cost Efficient.

Only pay for the shift hours and modules you want to use (subject to minimum £35pm) No fixed up front costs, no monthly maintenance, no lengthy 3 or 12 month notice period and no licence fees so you can have as many users and admin users as you want. Our rota software allows for cost efficient employee scheduling online.

Easy to get started and use

We’ve made it very easy to start using bcs. Simply create your own trial, select Security, the system creates positions and adds dummy staff for you. Bulk upload your staff, sites and clients and you’ve started to save time and money!

Automation and Powerful Colour Communication

  • We automates your timesheets and notifications eliminating errors, miscommunciation and paper.
  • The system allows you to message by individual, bespoke group, position, qualification or by site or event.


  • From loading your own logo on to the login page, to the digital switches and the choices of colour throughout the system.
  • BCS, unlike other systems, allows you to display, notify and operate the features in a way that helps your company.

Support from Every Page

  • We have a support or help button on EVERY page.
  • We also have imbedded tours and you can access FAQs, download pdf manuals and watch How To Videos at our Help Centre whenever you want.