BCS solutions incorporate the industry best practice while improving communications and streamlining operations. No need to worry about your technology aptitude; our configurable solutions are engineered to be intuitive and easy to use.

Whether you are a single security service provider with 200 staff, or a large property management company with over 3000 field personnel, we provide complete web solutions that will save you time, money and all the headaches.

Our Solutions Include:

• Guard Touring

BCS guard tour patrol system lets organizations arrange, log and execute guard tours rounds in various situations, including property patrolling, prisoner supervising, checking of healthcare escorts, securing merchandise in warehouses, and the like. Our guard touring solutions ensure the officers in charge complete their tasks within stipulated time intervals and as directed so a correct record can be produced to meet insurance and legal obligations.

BCS offers guard tour systems based on handheld devices (wand guard tour systems) as well as software (cloud guard tour systems). Both these solutions help in recording guard touring intervals and checking on on-site security employees by scanning checkpoints placed on the patrolled area. In response, the employees can GPS-track and record the patrol, send real-time reports and emergency alerts.

• Scheduling

Because scheduling lies at the core of all security operations, BCS presents solutions that let organizations automate their scheduling process. The system lets security staff quicken time-consuming scheduling while maintaining the accuracy of timekeeping, reporting, billing, and payroll. The duties of over hundreds of employees can be recorded with absolute efficiency.

The flexibility limits errors and enables the operations staff to control and change the way security employees are notified of schedules. This apart, BCS scheduling solutions also help in managing scheduling conflicts, availability, holidays, downtimes, overtimes, and vacancies. In short, organizations can spend less time worrying about scheduling security operations and focus on raising profit margins instead.

• Activity Reporting

Observing and reporting forms the primary duty of any security professional. BCS is here with its Activity Reporting solutions that let security personnel report daily activities, incidents and maintenance activities. Our software helps in identifying employee activities in real-time and administering incident reports in a centralized manner. No messy paperwork or haphazardly organizing files.

Administrators will have full access to employee activities which, in turn, will help them keep a location-based track of these employees and maintain accurate logs. Reporting activities fed into the software can be easily downloaded and analyzed. In a nutshell, BCS Activity Reporting solution lets companies build trust and credibility to the utmost.

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