Warehouse Scheduling Software & Staff Management Tool

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Time and Attendance

The Warehouse and Distribution or Operational Department of a business is critical to the successful delivery of Customer Service and satisfaction for any organisation.

For the Warehouse and Distribution function to be successful and run smoothly is a difficult job because there are many different aspects that need to be mastered. These include it needs to master To get that department to function well and match staffing to demand is a difficult job and includes many aspects.

Manage your Warehouse and Distribution Team with One System

BCS manages all these aspects for you and is the ONE system you need to professionally manage your warehouse and distribution staffing whether it’s at one, or more than one locations.

Our system makes it easy to manage your staff schedule if your team is made up of a mixture of permanent, part-time and flexible hours or casual staff. BCS allows you to create one-off shifts, repeating shifts or complex shift patterns, whatever suits your business needs.

Hire Better Staff and Improve Staff Retention

Unnecessary turnover of your operational staff with the resultant replacement recruitment is a very costly, time consuming process.

PARiM improves staff retention and engagement by giving them their own portal, allowing them to feel in charge of their profile information including emergency contacts, apply for shifts to replace colleagues on leave and request leave themselves. They can see their own absence record from the list of absences you create like lateness, no shows or unauthorised absence.

Spend less time on Repetitive Processes or Scheduling your staff

Using BCS will mean your managers and supervisors will spend less time in the back office and more time on the shop floor face to face managing staff, dealing with customers and improving sales.

BCS helps you with the day to day control of distribution hubs or warehouse staff costs and resource management. There’s no longer a need to wait to work out your daily, weekly or monthly staff costs as these are accessible instantly