Our Security Guard Management Systems

Our Full Suite of Security Guard Management Systems

Security Guard Company
Back Office Software

Workforce Management System (WMS)

Security Guard Company Back Office Software including: Scheduling, Payroll, Billing, Invoicing, Dispatch Monitoring and more…

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Patrol Monitoring

Workforce Patrol
Monitoring (BWAC)

Patrol Monitoring Software With Rfid/Touch reader, Mobile App, NFC, QRCode, GPS, Schedules, Incident, Alerts & more…

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Time and attendance

Workforce Time and

Time and attendance Software with Phone call in, Mobile App, NFC, QR Code, GPS, Schedules, Alerts and more …

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Incident Tracking
Management Software

BCS Tracker – Incident

Incident Tracking Management Software, Record, Manage and track incidents in detail until completion, Centralize Searchable, more…

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Security Guard Escort

Visit Analysis Healthcare
System (VAHS)

Security Guard Escort Software for healthcare workers that visit home care patients in unsafe areas.

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Desktop Guard Patrol
Monitoring Software

Security Report
System (SRS)

Desktop Guard Patrol Monitoring Software with Rfld/Touch Reader, Media Tags, Schedules, Incident and more…

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Preferred by over 3,000 leading
security organizations

We take pride in our patented technology and state-of-the-art security guard management software solutions that have modernized and refined essential services like guard touring, scheduling and activity reporting over the years.