Our Solutions

Security Guard Back Office Software including: Scheduler, Payroll, Billing, Invoicing

Time and attendance checking Software with Phone call in, Mobile App, NFC QRCode

Patrol Monitoring With Rfid/Touch reader Mobile App, NFC, QRCode

Why choose Brooklyn Computer Systems?

  • Brooklyn Computer Systems is a leading software developer and manufacturer of guard tour monitoring equipment for the security guard industry. With our US office located in New Jersey and our Canadian office in Toronto, we’ve been providing innovative solutions for the security guard industry since 1989.
  • Our patented technology, with multiple ways of downloading and multiple forms of data collection hardware, along with our feature-packed and easy-to-use software makes our BCS SilverGuard Guard Tour Systems the best in the world today.
  • Our Guard Company Back Office Management software solution: Workforce Management System (WMS) is a powerful and comprehensive management solution for running a Security Guard business. With features such as Scheduling (Visual Scheduler), Billing, Accounting, Dispatch Monitoring, Payroll Interfaces and an Automated Phone Check-In System, WMS is designed to help Security Guard companies manage their operations with ease, be more competitive, reduce operational costs and increase profitability.

Preferred by over 3,000 leading security organizations

We take pride in our patented technology that has modernized and redefined guard touring, scheduling and activity reporting over the years.