Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS)

Premier Guard Escort Software.

For Security Guard Companies providing escort services to Healthcare Workers.


What is Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS) ?

VAHS is a healthcare security software system for Security Guard Companies to provide Escort services to Healthcare workers.

Security Guard company

Who is it for?

Security Guard healthcare Companies that provide escort services to Healthcare Workers.

Can be adopted for use by other types of companies that provide escort services.

cost effective

Why use it?

Reduce Client and Healthcare worker complaints.
Make your operation more efficient, cost effective and easier.

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    Easy to Use and Full of Features

    With healthcare security software Scheduling, GPS Tracking, Real time activity feedback, job confirmation, job monitoring and Analysis reports, you can simplify your operations, be on time, get instant alert of problems for quick resolution and obtain incidents, confirmation and Analysis reports for your client.


    GPS Tracking

    Real time activity feedback

    Job confirmation

    Job monitoring

    Incident reporting

    Analysis reports


    Cloud Based

    Mobile App



    • No installation and server needed

      VAHS is web based. Just use your PC Web browser to use the system from anywhere!!

    • Affordable and scalable

      Transparent pricing based on usage (Active Jobs). Great fit for large and small companies’ budgets.

    Developing Software
    Systems Since 1985

    Brooklyn Computer Systems have joined forces in a strategic partnership to provide the best and most complete security guard management software for security companies which include automation of security operations, scheduling, integration to different payroll software and back-office management.

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