Security Report System (SRS V7)

Monitor and verify your employees’ inspection patrols with this easy-to-use, networkable Windows desktop software.

Simple and straightforward, with all the features you need for a small to medium-sized patrol monitoring operation.

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What is the Security Report System (SRS)?

Our Security Report System (SRS) is a simple, easy-to-use hardware and software solution that allows you to monitor security guards and other employees as they complete inspection patrols.

SRS is a Windows desktop application that you can install as stand-alone software on one computer. It can also be installed on a network (LAN/WAN) to share with multiple users.

During their inspection tours, your security guards can use BCS RFID/Touch tag readers and downloader’s to capture and transfer patrol data to the SRS software through desktop guard patrol monitoring software for processing and reporting.

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What is our desktop monitoring software for?

Security Guard

University Security

Cleaning service

Security Services in
Art galleries

Off-site maintenance and
service companies

Factory maintenance

Security Operations in
Shopping Malls

Prisons and
detention centers

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Why use desktop guard patrol monitoring software?

SRS is simple, and easy-to-use, with all the features you need for a small to medium-sized patrol monitoring operation.

SRS allows you to certify and enhance your security operations. You can use it with readers and tags to document any security patrols.

You can use SRS with our hardware while patrolling and put your patrol management concerns to rest.

SRS is easy to use, with all the features you need:

  • Define Checkpoint tags along patrol routes through our desktop guard patrol monitoring software
  • Define Incident tags (eg. “Door left open”)
  • Define Guard Identification tags to identify who is performing the inspection patrol
  • Define Schedules and Rounds for your patrol route
  • Download patrols locally or remotely via modem, over the internet, or at any point on a network
  • Synchronize wand time with computer time automatically if a difference exceeds a given tolerance, or print an alert on reports
  • Export downloads to a third-party product
  • Download data encryption for tamper proofing
  • Record and report incidents
  • Export and email reports
  • Define users and passwords, and assign user permissions and rights to SRS functions


Keep track through best desktop monitoring software with a variety of reports, including a reports of your guards’ inspection patrol activities, incidents recorded, missed checkpoints, start buttons for all rounds, and battery low/wand alerts.

Reports Highlights

Report lists

  • Locations (clients)
  • Zones (sites)
  • Checkpoints
  • Schedules and Rounds
  • Guards and incidents

Flexible and customizable set of reports, including:

  • Activity: displays all checkpoints
  • Incident: displays any unusual situations
  • Missed: displays missed checkpoints
  • Patrol Clock: displays time-to-next for each checkpoints, and counts the number of checkpoints where this value exceeds a given tolerance
  • Snapshot: includes a 14- or 28- column grid of checkpoints scanned with times of day across the top and checkpoint descriptions on the left
  • Time patrolled: calculates hours patrolled for each person for a date range and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further customization

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