Security Work Force Management System

Run your Security Guard Business with ease.

The most Advanced, Flexible, User Friendly and Affordable workforce management system software built specifically for the Security Guard Industry.


What is Security Workforce Management System?

Security workforce management software is advanced, flexible Security Guard management software for scheduling security officers at client locations. It is a comprehensive, back-office management solution, featuring integrated Scheduling, Billing, Invoicing, and Accounting. It also helps at Dispatching Monitoring, Payroll, Time and Attendance and more. Whether you employ 50 or 5000 guards, WMS will help you manage your operations with ease.





Dispatch Monitoring


Time and Attendance


Cloud Based

Phone Alerts

Email Notifications


Who Can Use Security Workforce Management System?

Security Guard

University Security

Cleaning service

Security Services in
Art galleries

Off-site maintenance and
service companies

Factory maintenance

Security Operations in
Shopping Malls

Why Use Security Workforce Management System?

  • Our integrated operations and Workforce management solution allow you too efficiently.
  • It cost-effectively schedules work, pay employees, bill clients, and track employee attendance
  • Manage your employees with ease with our intuitive time and attendance tracking system
  • Make workforce scheduling system easy with our streamlined, easy-to-use Scheduler
  • Enhance customer security coverage with our dispatch monitoring subsystem.
  • With our email and mobile alerts, job and post requirements, employee absences, and customer holiday processing overall maneuvering becomes seamless.
  • Save time billing and invoicing customers with auto-generated invoices with customizable formatting
  • Manage your receivables with accounts receivable reports, cash deposits, and payment application functions
  • Export your pay data to major third-party payroll systems for processing
  • Get a detailed summary or a birds’ eye view of business performance with our numerous report options
  • Speed up communication with our built-in functions for emailing reports and exporting reports to Excel

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    Key Advantages

    scheduling software


    Flexible, time saving, streamlined and easy

    Security workforce management software allows flexible scheduling & eliminates the hassle of tasks like scheduling. It helps to accurately record work hours, keeping track of payroll and billing information, and managing the duties of hundreds of security employees. The system streamlines these time-consuming tasks with ease and efficiency.

    Fill Schedules faster and smarter

    Schedule faster and smarter! Workforce management system lets you add, fill, and change shifts, copy and paste schedules, and find and replace employees in certain shifts with others who have matching suitability metrics.

    Shift eligibility, suitability matching and absence and conflict checking on the fly

    Get cost-effective shift coverage that matches employees’ qualifications and availability with your business needs. Workforce management system automatically checks and resolves issues with scheduling conflicts, labor costs, employee availability, job requirements, employee and client holidays, overtime, vacations, absences, and more.

    Reduce your work with planning and template schedules

    Reduce repetitive data entry by creating planning and scheduling templates that are copied into your current schedule. Workforce management system allows you to fine-tune these templates based on your unique scheduling requirements.

    Scale across multiple positions and locations

    With Workforce scheduling System Use flexible assignment and configuration methods using multiple positions support that scales across multiple locations and time zones.

    Verify and visualize with multiple scheduling views and cross tabulation

    With workforce management solution one can manipulate and verify schedules with multiple views, including employee schedule views. View schedules by employee, post, or other categories, and see crosstab hours for billing and payroll.

    Integrate with time tracking, payroll, billing

    Streamline, simplify, and increase the efficiency and accuracy of your back-office operations with built-in optional integration that includes time and attendance tracking, timesheet verification, payroll, billing, and invoicing.

    Key Features

    • Automated Attendance checking

      Check in /Check out by Landline Phone call in, Mobile App and Employee Portal with optional update to scheduling times.

    • Integrated Scheduling, Payroll, Billing,

      Scheduled Hours worked and billing hours flow through to Payroll, Billing and Invoicing.
      Timesheet verification processing, automated time and attendance tracking, various payroll and billing rules and options are employed to arrive at the actual hours to pay and bill.

    • Mobile Phone Alerts and Email notifications

      Notifications of scheduling issues via Mobile Phone and email. Tracking of staff changes and
      scheduling time adjustments that has payroll and billing consequences.

    • Free Stuff to get you going

      Free for 2 months after you are up and running!!
      *Conditions apply, Limited Time Offer. Contact Us for details.

    • Emailing

      Send emails easily to employees and clients with distribution lists for notifications, reports, work schedules, and more.

    • Reports

      Improve your operations management with a variety of available queries and reports. View the reports on screen, print them, save them to a file, or email to an individual or a distribution list. Design and generate original reports using the popular third-party Crystal Report system (requires separate purchase from vendors).

    • No installation and server needed

      Workforce Management System is cloud and web based. Just use your PC Web browser and access the system from anywhere!!
      Desktop Network Option also available.

    • Affordable and scalable

      Transparent pricing based on usage (active Guards, Phone call in and Mobile Phone Text messages alert).
      Great fit for large and small companies’ budgets.

    time tracking

    Integrated Time and Attendance Tracking

    Use the mobile app, land line call-in, and the employee portal for employees to check in and out, and relieve dispatchers from having to receive routine calls to sign in and out.

    Only manage exceptions when you get alerts for late check-ins, no shows, and early check-outs, so that dispatchers and managers can concentrate on solving coverage issues rather than managing on-time, no-issue attendances.

    Reduce your employee verification processes by using a variety of options to automatically update and track changes to employee schedules. Use the updated schedules for billing and payroll processing.

    Dispatch Monitoring

    Dispatch Monitoring

    Allow dispatchers and managers to easily and conveniently fulfill your company’s contractual security coverage obligations by avoiding no shows, and making sure employees arrive and leave the remote job sites on time.

    Receive automated alerts to fill in open posts or no shows, and search and replace employees with definable criteria.

    Check employees in or out over the phone, or get an automated feed from the time and attendance tracking system with notifications for late, early, and no-show employees.

    Track and record all manual and automated time, as well as employees’ changes for verification, payroll, and billing purposes.

    See WMS Feature List-In Depth

    Payroll data


    Get accurate payroll data with WMS using information from:

    • Actual worked time from employee schedules
    • Manual and automated timesheet verification processing
    • Customizable and flexible payroll rate data based on criteria such as site worked at, premium rates, etc
    • Employee pay information

    Use one of WMS’ many bridges to popular payroll packages and services to export your timecard and payroll data for final processing.

    See WMS Feature List-In Depth

    WMS billing


    Get accurate invoicing in customizable formats using WMS billing processing. This feature incorporates information from:

    • Employee Schedules
    • Manual and automated timesheet verification processing
    • Customizable and flexible billing rates and options
    • Invoicing formatting information

    WMS supports fixed cost billing and equipment rental, as well as billing hours either synchronized or unsynchronized with actual time worked.

    See WMS Feature List-In Depth

    accounting data


    Configure billing options in invoices to calculate and include sales taxes for more than one tax jurisdiction.

    Manage and account for your payments from clients using Accounts Receivable reports, cash deposit management and payment application against outstanding invoices. Use various reports to calculate the amount to post in your accounting system.

    See WMS Feature List-In Depth

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