SilverGuard Modem Transfer Station (MTS)

Downloader that transfers data from BCS Tag Readers to BCS Patrol Monitoring Software via the internet. (no PC required)

  • Connects to a land line modem
  • Audio and visual indicators of system functioning and status
  • International power adapter
  • Compatible with a variety of computer and networking hardware
  • Multiple reading docks supporting different types of BCS Tag Readers

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The SilverGuard Modem Transfer Station (MTS) is a hardware device that allows you to transfer data from BCS Tag Readers to BCS Patrol Monitoring Software by connecting to a land line modem at a remote off-site location.

To use the MTS, BCS modem data collection software must be installed at the central office with compatible landline modems to communicate with the MTS to transfer patrol data from the BCS Tag Readers.

The Mobile Computer Transfer Station (MTS):

  • Allows you to collect patrol data from BCS Tag Readers at off-site locations where installing other types of data collection stations is not feasible (e.g. construction sites)
  • Frees your employees at off-site locations from having to bring their BCS Tag Readers to a central office in order to download their data

The MTS has a speaker and LEDs (red and green) to show the state of the MTS when it is connected, transferring data, has errors or completed a data transfer.