Incident Tracking Software- For Complete Incident Management (BCS Tracker)

With incident tracking software we can record, store and track incidents from beginning to end.

An advanced incident management solution with the latest technologies that is affordable, flexible, scalable, and easy to use.


What is BCS Tracker- the Incident Tracking Software at the Heart of Incident Management System?

BCS Tracker is fuelled by advanced cloud-based and scalable incident tracking software at its core, for recording incidents and daily logs in real-time (with GPS tracking). This incident management system software is an easy-to-use platform enables your organization to record and maintain a centralized database of incidents in detail. Every stage of an incident is recorded online, and its progress can be tracked until it is closed or completed.

Who Can Use incident management software solutions?

Security Guard

University Security

Cleaning service

Security Services in
Art galleries

Off-site maintenance and
service companies

Factory maintenance

Security Operations in
Shopping Malls

Why use incident management software solutions?

  • With incident tracking software you can record and track incidents in detail and at every stage for your clients and third-party authorities (e.g., Police, Fire, insurance)
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively analyze incidents to formulate actions and strategies to improve security.
  • Receive real time notification so that you can respond to and deal with various types of situations effectively.

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    Features of security guard GPS tracker

    • Security tracking system can be accessed from any location with date/time stamp (in accordance with the time zone)
    • Detail User access level for one or all Locations
    • Incident and Daily Log entry by Location
    • Receive real-time notifications of incidents by email
    • Security Alerts Publication upload
    • View audit trails at all stages of an incident
    • Store client location protocols – Post Orders, Emergency List Call, Emergency Procedures, Vehicle Accident
    • Record Third Party Contact information & Witness Statements
    • Upload and attach documents such as photographs, videos, or hand-written statements
    • Upload BCS Patrol monitoring reports for client viewing
    • Pass Down Log with Alarms to inform the next shift or user of things to be done
    • User-defined Location Types, State & Categories of Incidents
    • No installation and server needed

      Our web-based patrol monitoring system can be accessed easily from any web browser.

    • Affordable

      Ideal for companies at any budget or size, we offer flexible pricing based on usage.

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