Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS)
VAHS Mobile app
VAHS Web Application

Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS)

Our Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS) is a management software system developed specifically for security guard companies providing escort services to healthcare workers that visit home care patients in unsafe areas.

VAHS is designed to address three critical management issues: verification of patient visits, job scheduling and job progress tracking and analysis reports

VAHS consists of two parts: VAHS Mobile app and VAHS Web App.

More About VAHS

Healthcare workers such as nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and social workers fill an important gap in the health care system by caring for patients through home visits. However, by working outside the hospital, they often put their safety at risk. Security guards are frequently responsible for ensuring workers’ safety during these visits.

Our software provides a simple way of managing the logistics of this service while assuring the security guard companies that healthcare workers under their protection arrive safely at their patients’ homes.

The mobile and web app can be used together for GPS tracking, verification of patient visits, escort scheduling, and analysis reports.

VAHS Mobile app

This app is used by Security Officers who escort health care workers (nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, social workers…) on their visits to patients’ homes in unsafe areas.

VAHS Mobile app Features

Job Scheduling

When a job is assigned, security guards receive information about each job through the mobile app and can either accept or reject the job.

Job Confirmation

The app allows the security officer to check in and out with the head office security dispatch to confirm that they are present to escort the healthcare worker at the beginning and the end of their shift.

Patient Visits

The security officer records the beginning and end of each visit to collect the duration for accounting and billing purposes.

GPS tracking

The App records the GPS coordinates at various times during the job to track the progress, route, and location of the security officer and the healthcare worker. The GPS coordinates are resolved into street addresses for verification and payroll/billing purposes.

Job Completion

Once the job is done, the health care worker provides a signature through the app and any incidents are recorded.

The health care worker drop-off location and time are recorded for security purposes.

Data Collection

Data collected by the app is synchronized in real time with the web application for monitoring and accounting. The data collected includes:

  • Healthcare worker scheduled pickup time and location.
  • Healthcare worker start & end times.
  • The location of each visit.
  • Time spent with each patient.
  • Travel time between each patient visit.
  • Down time between visits.
  • Escort services provided (e.g. Translation/Security).
  • GPS information of the security officer at any time during the job and at specific events.

The VAHS app is compatible with iPhones, Android Smartphones, iPads and Android Tablets.

VAHS Web App

VAHS Web is a cloud-based web software featuring time and attendance, scheduling, schedule monitoring, and GPS tracking. Reports allow users to spot trends and pinpoint areas to increase efficiency.

VAHS Web App Features


All of your data is stored in the cloud, the benefits of which are high availability, easy growth, security, and performance.


Scheduling is made simple with one streamlined process for the timing of each job as well as attendance. The scheduling system has features such as suitability checking, conflict resolution and job staging.

Suitability Checking

Security guards can be matched to healthcare workers, job location, security guard availability and job requirements.

Dispatch Monitoring

Once in a while, a security guard will be late or a health care worker won’t turn up. Whenever something hasn’t gone as planned, you’ll receive an alert so you can quickly problem-solve.

GPS mapping and tracking

See where a security guard is at any time during the job and record the GPS location and timing of various events such patient visits, healthcare worker meetup and drop off points. Use this information to verify patient visits and analyze such activity as time between visits, visit duration etc.


A range of reports can be generated which summarize data on patient visits and security guard time sheets.

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