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Cloud Based Guard Tracking & Monitoring System

Cost-Effective, State-Of-The-Art, and Easy to Use

Make guards more accountable with Real-time checking using Mobile Phone App

Certify your guards’ patrols, Reduce client complaints

Instant notification for missed/early/late inspections

Flexible, Scalable, and Cloud-based.

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Preferred by over 3,000 leading
security organizations

We take pride in our patented technology that has modernized and redefined
guard touring, scheduling and activity reporting over the years.

Why use BCS Guard Patrol Monitoring System?

Our system gives you the data to assure your clients that their employees are staying accountable and getting the job done

Patrol certification and verification

Verify employee location at a particular time

Increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations

Reduce client complaints and assure clients that your employees are performing all responsibilities

Access to instant notification for missed / early / late inspections, enabling quick problem resolution

Increase employee accountability

Access to discounted insurance premiums for your clients when Guard Patrol monitoring equipment is installed (available in some areas)


We will help you save on your overall patrol monitoring operations costs and ensure compliance.

Innovative guard tracking through
guard patrol mobile app

Why Choose Brooklyn Computer Systems?

You will be Investing in a modern workforce patrol monitoring technology

Add BCS Workforce Patrol Monitoring System to enhance your security offerings

Streamline your operations with less manpower and errors

Mobile phone and email alerts make it easy to stay on top of any scheduling issues.

Stay ahead of the competition

Satisfy current and future client expectations

Add quality compliance management

Compete on the effectiveness and competence of your employees

Reduce errors in management, scheduling payroll, and billing

Can be the deciding factor on your contact bids

Retain clients longer because of your effectiveness over your competitors

BCS has been providing innovative solutions for the security guard industry since 1989.

Trusted by global clients for innovation and intuitiveness

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    "Managing my security personnel was becoming a hassle!! Tracking every individual was an onerous task. I was suggested by one of my partners to seek help from BCS! Initially, I was not convinced but was convinced enough after I got details about the overall working of the guard tour system. It has reduced my workload, increased accountability & allows me to generate reports and client feedback."

    - Enzo Esparza

    "Tracking & monitoring guards is a big-time job. My managers & supervisors have dealt with this difficulty of tracking attendance & accountability manually. !! Luckily, I found BCS & got interested in their monitoring software. !! After we purchased and installed it, it did a lot of the work for me. Now I have more time to do other things and I get alerts from the system only when things go wrong. Thanks, BCS!"

    - Christy Reeve

    "We are a 20-year-old cleaning company with 150 + employees in New Jersey.!! Previously we used to track attendance & monitor employees through spreadsheets & datasheets. We were committing errors & wanted something easier and more accurate. With BCS guard tour tracking we can track individuals, make sure they do their work, get alerts when things go wrong, and get reports that we need."

    - Humzah Castaneda

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