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Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS)

Mobile technology can play an important role in mobile home based care services. Our Mobile Visit Analysis Healthcare System (VAHS) was developed specifically for Security Guard Companies providing escort services to Healthcare Workers that visit home care patients in unsafe areas.

VAHS is designed to address three critical management issues: GPS tracking and verification of patient visits, Escort Scheduling and Analysis reports

The VAHS system consists of two parts: VAHS Mobile app and VAHS Web App.

VAHS Mobile app

This App is used by Security Officers who escort HealthCare Workers (nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, social workers…) when they visit patients at their homes in unsafe areas. The App allows the Security Officer to check in and out with the Head Office Security Dispatch to confirm that they are present to escort the HealthCare Worker at the beginning and end of their shift of patient visits. The Security Officer is required to use the App to record the beginning and end of each patient visit to collect the durations of the visits for accounting and billing purposes. The GPS coordinates are recorded at various times during the shift to track the progress, route, and locations of the Security Officers and the Healthcare Workers. The GPS coordinates are resolved into street addresses to capture the patient addresses for verification and payroll/billing purposes.

Data collected by the App are sent real time to the Web servers for monitoring and accounting. The data collected includes the following;

  • Healthcare worker scheduled pickup time and location.
  • Healthcare worker start & end times.
  • The location of each visit.
  • Time spent with each patient.
  • Travel time between each patient visit.
  • Down time between visits.
  • Escort services provided (eg Translation/Security).
  • GPS information of the Escort/Healthcare worker at any time during their work assignment.

VAHS App works with iPhones, Android Smartphones, iPads and Android Tablets.

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VAHS Web App

VAHS Web is a cloud based Web software featuring time and attendance scheduling, Schedule monitoring, GPS locator technology and GPS mapping. Reports produced allow users to spot trends or areas where things could be done more efficiently.

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VAHS Mobile Application Features

Job Schedule Acceptance

Schedules are sent to mobile App for Security Officers to accept or reject a job

Job Confirmation

Force the Security Officer to confirm job with Healthcare worker

GPS and Time Tracking Work flow to save data on

  • The location of each visit
  • Time spent with each patient
  • Travel time between each patient visit
  • Down time between visits
  • Escort services type provided (translation etc.)
  • Healthcare worker end time
  • GPS information of the Escort/Healthcare worker at any time during their work assignment
Signature Confirmation

At the end of the Job, the Security Officer must get the Healthcare worker signature

Incident reporting

Support reporting of Incidents

Real time data update

Real time update of data from Mobile App to Web App.

VAHS Web Application Features

Cloud based Web Application

Cloud based Web Application delivering high availability, easy growth, security, and performance with the most agile, efficient, and cost-effective processes and web computing benefits.

Time and Attendance Scheduling

Streamlined Time and Attendance process for your jobs including job suitability, conflict resolution and job staging.

Suitability Checking

Find Security Officers to match job characteristics including Healthcare workers, Job locations, availability etc.

Dispatch Monitoring

Notification and alerts when something goes wrong and take action. eg. Security Officer did not arrive on time to meet HealthCare Worker

GPS mapping and tracking

See where Security Officer is at any time during the Job and keep GPS locations for various event (e.g. Patients Visits) for verification and analysis.


Various reports to provide analysis of patient visits, Security Officer time sheets and data analysis.

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