Workforce Time and Attendance

Automate and verify employees’ attendance with ease.

Time and attendance software and hardware solutions with the latest technologies that are affordable, flexible, scalable, and easy to use.

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Workforce Time and Attendance

What is Workforce Time and Attendance (BWAC)?

Workforce Time and Attendance (BWAC) is a flexible hardware and software solution designed for employee attendance tracking. It can automatically modify employee scheduled work hours with actual hours based on a pre-defined, comprehensive set of rules, simplifying both timesheet and payroll operations.

Workforce Time and Attendance (BWAC) is specifically designed for the Security guard Industry and integrates with our Backoffice software (WMS).

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Who is it for?

Although Workforce Time and Attendance (BWAC) has been specifically designed for security guard companies, it can be used by many others, such as:

  • Cleaning service companies.
  • University security services.
  • Security operations for shopping malls and plazas.
  • Off-site maintenance and service companies.
  • Small and medium sized offices and companies.
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Why use it?

Our system gives you the capability and data to ensure your clients and employees stay accountable and get the job done within the deadline.

  • Digitally capture employee attendance and streamline your timesheet and payroll processes.
  • Keep detailed attendance, absences, late and sick day records by digitally tracking when employees are at work and not working, like vacation time, call, sick, and jury duty.
  • Have proof of attendance to help your company comply with various labor regulations and incident investigations.
  • Attendance records certification and verification.
  • Handle complex Time and Attendance requirements.
  • Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of timesheet and payroll operations.
  • Reduce client complaints and reassure clients that your employees work at the designated time over a designated period.
  • Access to instant notification for no show / early / late, enabling quick problem resolution.
  • Take advantage of our customizable notification features to receive instant email and mobile text message notifications for critical alerts like employee check in/out, late, early, no show, and other scheduling issues such as absence and overtime.
  • Increase employee accountability.

Many Features to get the job done

Monitor and capture your employee’s attendance in real-time using a range of intuitive, built-in features, including scheduling, GPS tracking, real-time event feedback, and attendance reports. The alert system allows you to carefully track any attendance problems so you can resolve them quickly.

Obtain incidents, confirmation, and attendance reports for your clients.

Work Scheduling

GPS Tracking

Payroll Export

Mobile App

Event Monitoring

Email Notifications



Cloud Based


Phone Alerts

Flexible reports

process Attendance data digitally

Collect and process Attendance data digitally.

In place of paper, record your employee attendance more accurately with

  • Mobile phone app with GPS and NFC, QR Code confirmation.
  • PC and mobile app website portal input.
  • Tablet Kiosk with touch screen and RFID Card inputs
    Improve the accuracy of your payroll and reduce payroll fraud while improving productivity since all data is captured, stored and transferred to your payroll system digitally.
Back Office software Integration


Integrated with our Back Office WMS software
Link to many payroll systems to transfer timesheet and pay data.

With intuitive and easy-to-use features, you can customize your complex time and attendance requirements to get the processing you need.

If needed, we can create custom payroll integration and attendance rules through your instructions.

Learn more about our Backoffice software (WMS)

Absence Management

Absence Management

  • Track employee time off.
  • Track each employee’s allotted vs. Actual days.
  • Use suitability matching to locate the best employee to cover shifts when an absence occurs.
  • Efficiently manage absences and prevent understaffing and overtime.
  • Real-time alerts for vacation requests, unexpected absences or excessive days off.
  • Automate the absence request process to reduce administrative time and errors.
  • Better manage sick days, partial absences, personal leave requests, and jury duty absences, and ensure those requests comply with labor requirements.
  • Use mobile phone app, tablet, and web portal to allow your employees to request time off easily and have their requests approved by management.
  • Monitor “time banking”, or the time you owe employees for vacation, sick days, overtime, lieu time, and more.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Easily create and track your metrics, set up notifications, and generate custom reports to react faster and more effectively to various time and attendance issues.
  • Benefit from customizable reporting, analytics, and notification features to give you real-time insights into the data points you need to optimize your operations and growth.
  • Use customizable reporting that allows individual users to set up important views and reports. Designed to be user-friendly, you can choose from standard popular reports, build your own custom views, and save them as your reports for a group of users or all users. Customizable reports can give you the option for different views of the data and time frames (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) to help track performance and progress.
  • Analyze employee time and attendance data using various criteria to identify top performers.
  • Project ways to save on labor costs, react to business-critical issues, or ensure compliance with labor regulations.
web-based patrol monitoring

No installation and server needed

Our web-based Time and Attendance system can be accessed easily from any web browser.


Ideal for companies at any budget or size, we offer flexible pricing based on usage.

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