Streamlining Security and Innovations in Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems
Guard Patrol System

Streamlining Security and Innovations in Guard Patrol Monitoring System

Technological innovations are meant to make business operations seamless.

One of the remarkable innovations to help organizations function smoothly ensuring the utmost productivity is guard tour system.

Tracking and monitoring security personnel has always been a hassle for corporate houses. However, a proven technology or a system that executes the monitoring task with precision is not a major boon to contemporary business.

What is a Guard Tour System?

  • A guard tour system is a cohesive network of wireless sensors connected to a central software dashboard for managing and logging patrol routes.
  • It is a system that helps organizations manage, record and perform security tours.
  • A real-time security guard system allows for improving speed and enhancing the effectiveness of your security patrols.
  • They help mitigate human errors that otherwise creep into your operations.
  • The system uses a network of sensors in a strategic manner placed through a facility that actively or passively monitors the locations of the guards while conducting patrols.

Need For Security Guard Monitoring System

Security guard monitoring is a crucial part of enhancing the security of an organization.

You get optimal performance from the respective security personnel using an effective guard tour system. It offers maximum efficiency and utmost productivity.

If you are concerned about the efficiency of the security guard workforce or seeking to manage guards comprehensively count on this innovative software.

It ensures peace of mind and increases the growth rate.

Enhancing Security with Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems

An advanced security guard patrol monitoring system consists of a patrol reader, checkpoints and tracking software.

Firstly, all the checkpoints are placed in all the patrol routes at major intersections. During the patrol, the guards read the ID tags with patrol wands that they carry before reading checkpoints.

In any case, if the guard encounters an emergency during the patrol, the event tag can be read at any instance and the checkpoint detail.

The guard tracking software can generate statistics and results like missed patrols along with missed checkpoints by comparing the pre-set plan with authentic patrol records.

All these reports can accurately reflect the patrol work that is already completed.

With the advancement of organizations like BCS have commenced to implement QR codes, NFC tags and beacons for event tags.

Key Characteristics of Security Guard Patrol System

Now, let us have a look at a few characteristics of a security guard monitoring system.

The guard tour system offers a means to check and record the time for patrol. Here we will discuss more on it further. Read on to learn more.

1. Real-Time Monitoring of Security Guards

A key advantage of security guard monitoring is reporting in real-time throughout a particular shift.

If and when an incident occurs, a security guard will not have to wait long until the end of a shift nor will they have to call up their superior.

After all these, security supervisors and customers can use real-time data to access the situation and offer guards directions on how to go about the process.

2. Optimal Security Control

You can keep track of the guards using the advanced security guard monitoring system.

At the same time, a patrol management system offers security guards rapid access to their tours as well as control over any events that arise.

Through a dashboard on their security guard monitoring system installed in the smartphone, the guards can see the entire log tour.

3. Incident Reporting

Incident reporting allows security guards to report any suspicious activities that occur while they are on patrol.

The specifics of all these instances are logged in the guard patrol system’s storehouse. Where they can be accessed and defensive steps are taken going forward.

4. Instant Mail Notification

Preventive management is crucial for efficient security guard monitoring.

The guard tracking system allows mail notification to the concerned individual, informing them of any sort of missed rounds.

The individual who receives a warning from the patrolling guard system can afterwards take all the measures.

It allows guarantees that the guards are doing all the assigned tasks with optimal efficiency.

5. Security Guard Attendance Management

The guard monitoring system is embedded with attendance features that offer a continual online update about security personnel patrolling on duty.

It allows better oversight of resource planning and management. It connects flawlessly with the HRMS and enhances the organization’s overall productivity.

6. One Point Solution

Security tracking software helps protect property and assets from unauthorized use.

It is capable of providing seamless access to all types of property. This includes department locations, warehouses, transport facilities and other isolated locations.

7. Improves Accountability

The system has a notification system that notifies the respective individuals that guards are at the facility on time for their respective shifts.

They are patrolling at respective locations and submitting daily and incident reports.

The patrol monitoring system uses combined electronic checkpoints, GPS Tracking and automatic timekeeping for the same.


A security guard monitoring system can enhance a lot more than just guard accountability. It allows for streamlining daily tasks. Using a monitoring system you can offer quality service a get one step ahead of your competitors.

It not only makes it easier to offer comprehensive security services to clients and obstructs all kinds of communication problems. It also allows for staying competitive in the future.

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