Reinventing Hospital Security with Workforce Patrol Monitoring

Reinventing Hospital Security with Workforce Patrol Monitoring

Healthcare facilities, like hospitals and clinics, present unique security challenges. From safeguarding patients and staff to protecting sensitive medical information and costly equipment, the need for robust, reliable, and responsive security measures is paramount. Enter Brooklyn Computer Systems Inc. (BCS) and its innovative Workforce Patrol Monitoring (BWAC) system. This groundbreaking solution goes beyond conventional security protocols, providing an integrated, customizable, and highly effective security tool that’s tailor-made for the healthcare sector.

Reinventing Hospital Security with Workforce Patrol Monitoring

Shaping the Future of Security in Healthcare with BWAC

The BWAC system, developed by BCS, utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as RFID/Touch readers, Mobile Apps, NFC, QR Code, and GPS, integrating these into a powerful, cloud-based, scalable security solution. But how does this serve the particular needs of healthcare facilities?

  • Time and Attendance Tracking
    In a healthcare setting, ensuring the right personnel are at the right place at the right time is crucial. From frontline doctors and nurses to auxiliary staff, each role plays a part in patient care and safety. BWAC allows administrators to easily monitor and record check-in and checkout times, as well as site visit times. This ensures that staffing levels meet requirements and that any discrepancies can be swiftly addressed. Furthermore, it provides an invaluable tool for compliance with labor laws and healthcare regulations.
  • Email Notifications
    Alerts and quick response times are the backbone of hospital security. BWAC offers configurable email notifications that can be sent to designated mobile phones, providing real-time updates about events that may affect the facility’s security. From potential security breaches to system issues, these alerts allow for immediate action, minimizing potential harm to patients, staff, and infrastructure.
  • Patrol Certification and Verification
    BWAC goes beyond typical surveillance systems by not only monitoring security staff but also verifying their location at specific times. This feature enhances the safety of hospitals by ensuring scheduled patrols are completed as planned. If a guard fails to reach a particular location at the appointed time, the system flags it, enabling quick problem resolution.

Hospital Security - staff nurses


In conclusion, healthcare facilities require a distinctive blend of security measures to effectively protect their patients, staff, sensitive data, and costly equipment. The innovative Workforce Patrol Monitoring (BWAC) system, developed by Brooklyn Computer Systems Inc. (BCS), delivers a robust solution that not only meets these unique needs but goes beyond to enhance operational efficiency and foster trust within the healthcare community.

Hospital Security - patrol monitoring

The system’s tailored features such as time and attendance tracking, real-time email notifications, and patrol certification and verification, provide a level of oversight and accountability that’s unparalleled in conventional security systems. These features, tailored specifically for healthcare environments, ensure that staffing levels are maintained, potential security breaches are immediately addressed, and scheduled security patrols are completed as planned.

So, when it comes to security in healthcare facilities, the Workforce Patrol Monitoring (BWAC) from BCS isn’t just a solution—it’s a game-changer, shaping the future of hospital security and setting new standards for the industry.

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