Workforce Tracking System

Is Workforce Management System Advantageous?

What Exactly Is Meant By Workforce Management System?

At Brooklyn Computer Systems (BCS), we have designed an innovative security guard scheduling software allowing you to manage your guards without significant hassle.

Workforce Management System is an easy-to-use back-office solution that offers many features allowing better management of guard schedule.

With this guard tracking software, you can check on productivity.

Why Is Security Guard Scheduling Software Highly In Use These Days?

The process offers many advantages to your security scheduling, making it highly sought after by several organizations.

Whether a big or a small organization, security management becomes seamless from now on.

Apart from offering technical advantages, the system is highly cost-effective & at the same time, it ensures increased efficiency & speeds up the operations.

Critical characteristics of Workforce Management System Software:

• Streamlined & easy scheduler
• Time & Attendance Tracking System
• Integrated Payroll
• Billing & Invoicing
• Dispatch Monitoring System
• Mobile Phone Alerts
• Email Notifications
• Accounting & Reporting

How Workforce Management System Is Used?

For a few, it mind sound a bit difficult, but in reality, it is straightforward to use the system. It is a cloud-based system & thereby, installation or roping in a server is not required.

You can use your PC’s web browser to access the system from any location.

With the price based on the usage, Workforce Management System is scalable according to the needs & preferences of the organizations. It is a tailored option for both large & small companies as it can be manoeuvred according to the budget.

With all the features mentioned above, the workforce management system is free for the first two months allowing you to get going with the system.



Listed below are a few of the advantages. Read on in detail to learn more about the system.

It Improves the Process of Scheduling-

The workforce management system streamlines the entire operations making it fast & hassle-free. The scheduler comes with planning along with a template schedule.

It is helpful to save time & it also decreases the load of tasks.

Integrated Time & Attendance Tracking-

Integrated time & attendance allows respective employees to use a mobile app, land-line calls or employee portal to check in attendance or check out.

Workforce Management System comes with various options for automatically updating & tracking changes in the employee schedules.It lets you use updated schedules for the overall process of billing & it also decreases your employee verification procedures.

It Improves Generating Payroll, Billing & Invoicing-

Scheduling, payroll, billing, and invoicing are all clubbed in the workforce management system. It allows the overall strategy to fetch information from the timesheet verification process.

It also uses automated time & attendance tracking & various payroll billing rules & options, ensuring you arrive at the actual hours of work for each employee to pay & create bills.

The advantages of a workforce management system are numerous. If you consider the design for your organization, get connected with us for quotes.

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