Guard Tour System
Guard Patrol System

Guard Tour System: What It Is & How It Is Beneficial For The Long Run?

Guard Tour System

For seamless monitoring of patrol routes, the guard tour system can drive many advantages. It is tailored to track & monitor security personnel & employees of a particular organization.

This innovative tracking system ensures guards are patrolling their routes within the given time.

Previously tracking was quite arduous as managers & supervisors had to rely on manual data & had to move from one place to the other.

With the guard tour system, the individuals are held accountable for executing their pre-defined tasks without downtime.

Why Are Security Companies Relying Heavily On Guard Tour System?

The guards generally operate, having minimal or no supervision.

Patrol monitoring system allows perfect monitoring of them & making sure they are carrying out the patrol duty without any hassle.

The supervision allows better tracking making sure guards are continuing the patrols without any distraction & without moving away from the patrol sites.

Working Of Guard Tour System-

• The bottom-sized tags are used along the patrolling route at regular checkpoints.

• All these checkpoints are set up using a unique identification number.

• All the tags can be fixed on the wall at each point. The guards need to inspect

• With a portable reader or wand, the guards are told to conduct the patrol

• The use of the unique identification number or patrol reader during a patrol

• As the reader reads the tags, it records the unique ID along with the time & date.

• At the end of the patrol, guards place the reader in a downloader allowing the transfer of all critical data stored in the respective computer with patrol monitoring software.

• The information will allow you to fetch real-time data. If any checkpoints are missed, an immediate notification is sent.

How Is It Useful For The Owners?

With the innovative guard tour system, you can rest assured that all the employees follow routes as they are given instructions.

It also helps you to gather insight regarding the time of each guard. The guards remain utterly accountable for carrying out the patrols in a lively manner.

It also helps you gather how quick patrols are completed. This groundbreaking solution uses a bespoke app on your respective phones to allow reading NFC tags & GPS locations.

Apart from using a downloader to transfer patrol data to the computer software at the end of the day, the app is legitimate to send patrol data in real-time.

It helps check & reporting all the data instantly. In the long run, it decreases costs simply by using the mobile phone instead of unique tag readers.

An Extra Advantage That You Can Fetch-

If the app is used randomly, it can be used to enhance the patrol data by forwarding images along with voice or sound files & incident reports.

Few apps have simple time & attendance characteristics allowing the employees to gather data & check-in & checkout using GPS verifications.

What Are The Key Advantages Of the Guard Tour System?

The primary advantage is keeping the workforce accountable, ensuring the task is easily monitored. With the system working in tandem, guards will have it in mind for task completion.

They will neither be tempted nor get distracted or do any negligence during the patrol. It gives you complete assurance that employees will remain active & carry out the task efficiently.

How to Get Guard Tour System?

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