Workforce Patrol Monitoring System (BWAC)

Revolutionize Security Operations with Workforce Patrol Monitoring System (BWAC)

Workforce Patrol Monitoring System (BWAC)

The security guard industry, for decades, has largely relied on traditional, manual processes. Guard patrols, incident reporting, and scheduling – everything was handled manually, creating a myriad of challenges. Problems such as missed patrols, delayed incident reporting, scheduling conflicts, and lack of real-time communication often led to inefficiencies, reduced accountability, and client dissatisfaction. Furthermore, manual management of these operations often consumed substantial time and resources, reducing overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Software and Its Increasing Role in Security Operations

In the current digital age, software solutions are becoming integral to efficient security operations. With features that streamline management, facilitate real-time communication, and improve response times, software tools are fundamentally altering how security firms operate. 

  1. Real-time Communication and Reporting: Software solutions equip security teams with tools to communicate and report incidents in real time. It ensures instant reporting, leading to faster responses and better management of situations.
  2. Scheduling and Workforce Management: Software solutions automate shift schedules and assignments, reducing administrative workload and the risk of human error. By optimizing resource utilization, these systems enhance operational efficiency.

Spotlight: Workforce Patrol Monitoring System (BWAC)

Among the many software solutions transforming the security guard industry, Brooklyn Computer Systems’ Workforce Patrol Monitoring System (BWAC) stands out. This advanced and flexible system is designed for monitoring security guards and other employees as they complete their inspection patrols.

BWAC employs state-of-the-art technologies such as RFID/Touch readers, Mobile App, NFC, QR Code, and GPS. Its cloud-based mobile patrol software is scalable and brimming with features that make it an invaluable asset for security operations.

With its advanced features and capabilities, BWAC directly addresses the industry’s pain points, providing an efficient, streamlined, and technology-driven approach to managing security guard operations. From real-time communication and reporting to automating workforce management, software solutions have become an indispensable tool in the security industry. The incorporation of advanced technologies, such as RFID/Touch readers, Mobile App, NFC, QR Code, and GPS, as seen in BWAC, provide a robust platform that transcends traditional operational limitations.

Why Choose BWAC?

  • Patrol Certification and Verification: BWAC provides the means to certify and verify that your employees are on their assigned patrols, ensuring accountability.
  • Employee Location Tracking: The system verifies employee location at specific times, keeping you in the loop and ensuring operational transparency.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: BWAC increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your operations, enabling you to deliver better results with the same resources.
  • Client Assurance: With BWAC, you can assure your clients that your employees are performing their responsibilities, reducing client complaints, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Problem Resolution: Instant notifications for missed/early/late inspections allow for quick problem resolution, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.
  • Increased Employee Accountability: With BWAC, you can monitor your employees’ performances, fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability.
  • Potential Insurance Discounts: In some areas, your clients can access discounted insurance premiums when Guard Patrol monitoring equipment is installed, a benefit that enhances your value proposition.


By integrating software solutions like BWAC, security operations can be significantly transformed. Real-time updates, instant communication, and efficient management of incidents become the norm, leading to faster response times, increased efficiency, and elevated client satisfaction. Furthermore, software solutions alleviate administrative workloads by automating schedules and assignments, thereby reducing human error and increasing operational efficiency

In a world where technology drives innovation, software solutions like Workforce Patrol Monitoring System (BWAC) are proving to be game-changers in the security guard industry. By streamlining operations, enhancing communication, increasing accountability, and assuring client satisfaction, these software systems are defining the future of security operations. In such an environment, embracing digital transformation isn’t merely an option—it’s a necessity.


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